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Afro Cultural Fair

Waka Waka Gala Award Night

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BYAN Musical Theatre Waka Waka Musical

We are thrilled to introduce the BYAN Musical Theatre Group, whose electrifying performance will light up the stage at the WAKA WAKA Gala Award Night. This dynamic ensemble is renowned for bringing the rich and vibrant tapestry of African culture to life through a captivating blend of music, dance, and storytelling. They will take us on a mesmerizing journey, celebrating our heritage with a performance that promises to inspire and uplift. Get ready to be enthralled by their talent, passion, and the powerful spirit of African artistry as we honor our award recipients in an unforgettable evening of cultural celebration.

In this African Fair Celebrate

Receiving a Trophy

African Star Award

We are delighted to announce the nomination of well-deserving individuals for the prestigious BYAN Africa Star Awards. This honor recognizes the exceptional contributions and achievements of those who have made a significant impact in their fields and communities. The BYAN Africa Star Awards celebrate the brilliance, dedication, and inspiring journeys of our nominees, who exemplify the spirit of excellence and resilience. Stay tuned as we upload detailed profiles and achievements of each nominee, shining a spotlight on their remarkable stories and the legacy they continue to build. Join us in honoring these outstanding individuals who truly embody the essence of African excellence. Click on the link below to Nominate the individual that deserves this award and upload the Nomination details.

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